Are you wondering what sets us apart? We are a boutique agency with decades of combined experience of doing things right. If we conduct an exploration meeting with you, our owner will be in that meeting and it won’t be the last. You will always have access to the leaders of our agency and will meet with them regularly.

Brand Development

Whether you are a new business or are looking for a refresh, once we identify your vision, mission and values we use a strategic process to connect audiences to your brand.

Logo Development

A well-designed logo is the first impression consumers will have of your brand. It builds trust within your identified audiences. 

Visual Identity

The look and feel of your brand should uniquely set you apart from your competitors. We will help you develop your visual identity while providing a standards guide that can be used throughout your organization and brand partners.

Verbal Identity

Your verbal identity is the personality of your brand. We will work with you to develop elements such as logo, imagery, colours and creative design that will resonate with your audience.

Digital Strategy

It is no secret that audiences now have access to brands and content constantly. We will help you to stand out from the current saturated digital space.

Website Design & Development

We have a team of experts ready to assist you with your website needs. Whether you need a new website or a refresher of your current website we strive to provide a functional and user-friendly experience for your audience. 

Digital Marketing

Once your goals and audiences are identified we create a custom digital marketing program including creative content development, paid advertisements and search engine optimization which will help bring qualified leads to your inbox. We will monitor and engage in relevant digital conversations to increase brand awareness and reputation. 

Social Media 

We will build a social media strategy that will connect you with your audience. Social media is time consuming and we will be here to keep your followers connected to your brand’s products and services.

Email Marketing

We use email marketing to send targeted messages directly to consumers of your products or services. Email marketing is a key communication strategy to bring awareness to campaigns, promotions or special updates.  

Creative Visual Strategy 

Bringing your idea to life visually is key to an impactful campaign. That’s why we only work with the best in the business. We have a dedicated team who will take the time to develop a vision or understand the vision that you have for your brand. We focus on results that will build brand awareness and increase revenue.

Graphic Design

We work with a team of experts who understand the art of impactful advertisements, brochure, catalogues and other marketing materials.

Print Production

Even in this digital age, print is still extremely important in many industries and we have experience designing and producing print materials for tradeshows, catalogues, branded vehicle and many more marketing materials.


More video content is consumed than ever. Whether you are looking for a series of short videos or looking for a full-length production we have the ability to develop and deliver video content that will put your brand on the map. 


Photography has the ability to show your product or service in the exact light you want. Having quality visual content as part of your overall brand strategy is imperative to a successful campaign.


If your audience and/or team members enter a physical space, it is vital that it matches your brand identity. Amplify your brand by representing it in every space.

Public Relations

The reputation of your business is critical, especially when there is so much information available on the internet. Through our Public Relations we will manage your reputation, create new chances to bring awareness to your company and add credibility. With an extensive network of national media and over a decade in the industry we are ready to create opportunities for you and your company.

Media Relations

We will work with you and your team to create stories that can be pitched to our vast network of media partners. Whether your company has a great news hook or you are an industry expert we will find a way to get your brand to the top of the minds of consumers. 

Media Training

Do you know how to communicate with the media? We can build media training workshops for your team members that will be specific to your industry. This can be a group training session or special one-on-one training sessions.

Influencer Campaign

Leveraging the reach of influencers on social media platforms we will identify key community partners and build a campaign to spread awareness of your brand and/or product. 

Event Planning

Whether you are opening a brick and mortar location or want to plan an event around a product launch, we can help! We will strategically plan an event that will garner attention from media and consumers. 

Issues/Crisis Management

No matter what type of organization you are, issues are going to arise. Issues cannot be avoided but they can be managed by being proactive and identifying issues before they become a crisis. An issues management plan is the communication link between internal and external stakeholders. 

Similar to an issues management plan, when a crisis arises there should be steps in place before it happens. We can help you be prepared and stay calm when major problems come up. We will use our years of experience in communications to help your organization manage brand reputation.